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Saroj Kumar Sahoo1 week ago

Your obituary on Sonny Mehta is timely and praiseworthy. Sonny sahab celebratesd reading and took it to a level of sublime beauty. His phenomenal reading habits could spot out the best writers in the world. His editing added colour to their creation. He will live in our heart and memory for generations to come.

Prasanna Kumar1 week ago

Excellent tributes to late Shri Sonny Mehtaji, penned by Shri S.N. Sahuji. I join the nation in paying my respectful homage to late Shri Sonny Mehtaji.

Pradeep Hota1 week ago

A reader moves beyond the sky and Sony Meheta represents this ideology as rightly described by Sri S N Sahu

Prasanna Acharya.1 week ago

A publisher can only bring the writer to lime light and a genuine reader gives him recognition. Sonny Mehera carried both the qualities. An worth reading tribute to late Sonny Meheta by Dr Sahu. .