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Somshekhar6 months ago

Students of no other universities except JNU and Jadavpur University Kolkata have raised anti-national slogans, have not celebrated the killing of politicians and police by Naxalites. But the students of these universities feel proud in doing these dirty mischiefs.

Chandra Sekhar6 months ago

Which year you have completed your studies in JNU? It is not the same JNU as you are thinking. I can feel your anguish but the today's reality is it is full of left leaning students. They are hell bent on spoiling the environment. They may be few but they are their student leaders there. Now stop blaming the government. If they want to study let them take loans and repay when they complete their education. No they will not be ready for it because everything is almost free and if they have loan burden on them then they will become good citizens of India Indians who study abroad they work part time to pay their fee. Why not these people do it. Now don't tell they don't have time. If these students are here for studies then let them focus on studies and not do politics and spread hatred against the country.

Putting back sense6 months ago

Students come to JNU for learning, and Not to create Hooligans, and serious disturbances for those hardworking Students. JTS great shame that some brainwashed obnoxious Students "Play dirty Politics" instead of focusing on Education.

Manjeet Kirbat6 months ago

R C J6 months ago

Real contributions by most of JNU students are basically nothing except anarchy and keep living off taxpayer money.

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