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Subrat Panigrahi1 month ago

Social work need to be redefined Kindly work on this NGO registration must have a process of evaluation No industry and business house can have a foundation and park funds in that Ofcourse they can do philanthropy Social responsibility must be taught as a subject in school when children starts learning life skills civics must have a chapter on social responsibility Your article is self explanatory and very clear We need stringent rules for registering NGO and there true intent demonstrated

Jugal Kishore Pattan2 months ago

Yes ...well described about the NGOs. United effort required to guide and take the sector forward. Also advocacy is very essential for the recognition of NGOs as one of the larger sector in the society.

MANOJ KAR2 months ago

Bad Governance cannot groom good and effective NGOs - Norman Uphold, Development Thinker

Madhav Das2 months ago

All that the writer has done is prove his familiarity with NGO jargon. Dozens of organizations exist in India but their work is not known to the readers. Why doesn't the writer start with himself by defining an objective and providing a solution.